Regular readers of my blog, The Michael Starvabeach DIY Roofing Blog, know that roofing and teaching people how to re-roof their own homes has always been my passion. Yes, folks, it is not blood but roofing tar that runs through my veins!and roofing is the stuff of my personal delight!

Anyone knowledgeable about roofing also knows that hot tar is a mainstay of putting roofs together. Today, I’d like to tell you about a little trouble I got into during one of our missions and how searching for a towing company Louisville KY lead me to a great service that saved the day!

We rarely travel anywhere without our Tar Trek tar truck. Keeping it is good running order is a full-time job. One of the tricks to the trade is always keeping the tar warm.

This is accomplished by maintaining a constant low level of heat from the Propane system that runs laterally along the body of the truck. A fully laden tar vehicle like Tar Trek weighs in at around fifteen tons and if it ever breaks down on the highway, it is a major undertaking to find a towing company that can handle that kind of weight.

A Bad Event Happens

 Because we are centrally located in the Midwest, we have occasion to travel through Louisville fairly often. Sure enough, this was exactly where Tar Trek decided to stall and the engine wouldn’t restart.

Given our location off the interstate (we barely managed to get on the off-ramp as the truck began to fail), the first thing we did was Google “towing company Louisville KY” and what popped up first? Much to our joy, it was a firm aptly named: Towing Service Near Me Louisville (www.towingservicenearmelouisville.com) which would turn out to be the one-stop solution for our problem.

An Understanding Dispatcher

 When we described the specs of our Tar Trek vehicle to the dispatcher at Towing Service Near Me Louisville, she pretty much knew that she would need to call out the big guns to attend to our problem. You can’t expect to tow a fifteen ton truck with a pick-up with a hook on the back.

What you need is a big wrecker, and we were lucky enough to find the right folks at the first shot when we Googled towing company Louisville KY and found Towing Service Near Me Louisville.

True Towing and Truck Specialists

 Towing Service Near Me Louisville showed up with a huge wrecker and had us hooked up within minutes. They brought us to a big truck specialist who immediately identified our problem to be an issue where the starter had overheated, seized in the wrong position and was fouling the smooth operation of the flywheel.

It could well have been a design flaw in our truck as the starter was located perilously close to the exhaust system and seemed like the cause of the problem. The truck specialists, clever as they were, fashioned an aluminum heat shield and mounted it between the new starter and the exhaust pipe, and we haven’t had a lick of trouble since.

In Summary

 It was because of the quick action and ability of Towing Service Near Me Louisville to handle a big load that our roofing assignments were properly handled despite the unexpected breakdown. This is why I, Michael Starvabeach, your master roofer can wholeheartedly endorse Towing Service Near Me Louisville as the only firm you’ll ever need in Louisville whenever you get into a jam and need to Google towing company Louisville KY, you will already know the best place to use.